What does the lipstick colour say about you


Today’s blog post is about the subconscious messages we send out to men when we decide to wear a lipstick. Personally, I love lipsticks: they make our lips bigger, fuller and sexier. But not all the colours are right for everyone! Of course we all have different shapes and sizes and we need to choose the lipstick which best enhances our features, as well as the right occasions.

But sometime the colour really express how we feel, especially when we go on a date with someone new.

So here we go, I found a list of most common colours and what they mean when we decide to wear them:




Red lips are a statement, they demand attention and they’re incredibly sensual. Women who wear a red lipstick are strong, know what they want and they are sexually open. I love this colour, especially when I go on a date – because it makes me feel sexy and confident. Not recommended if you’re shy and if you have thin lips though.




Coral lips shows enthusiasm, willingness of having fun but with the right dose of balance. Women with this colour want to get noticed, they know what they want but at the first date they don’t want to scare off the most romantic men.




Nude lips means we want to be taken seriously. We don’t have anything to hyde and we are generous. Also we can be very romantic and sensitive – but careful with a new date, we could be perceived as a bit weak.


Pale pink



Pale pink is considered the colour of innocence. A woman with pink lips can be seen as sociable and not aggressive.


Dark pink

dark pink

Dark pink lips send an ambiguous message: strong but romantic. But also uncertainty: we are probably not too sure about what we want from the man.





Burgundy means that we are strong women and we don’t like to rush things. For this reason men have to wait before to get to know us for who we really are.


There are many more colours to be analysed, but those ones are the most common. And you, what do you think? Which one is the best one for your personality?

Speak soon,

Sonia xx


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