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A little while ago a friend of mine told me about a new app which is widely spreading on the smartphones of most Londoners: Tinder. For those who still don’t know, Tinder is a free dating app which is quite clever: it finds your location via gps and propose other users profiles who are around you. But the reason why it’s clever is because you can only exchange messages with people who you liked you back. This is a good start, right?

I tried it, obviously, and I only met two guys from it. I am not going to talk about them as they might read my blog, but I can say that the app itself is great if you would like to be in touch with people you fancy, but it is a bit scary at first because you don’t have much info on the person.

Sure, you could exchange a few messages before to meet them, but it still is not quite enough and I had a very strange feeling when I met the first one.

Another thing which I noted is that most of the guys who liked you back don’t get in touch. Why bother then? I read an article on the Independent a while ago, and the columnist (who was a guy) expressed the male’s view when using the app. Apparently guys press the button “like” on most of the girls they see to increase the possibility of a date without bothering in looking into more pictures, but not only: even a simple image of a cocktail or a dog would do the job.

That’s interesting. So, ladies, that’s very good news! The superficiality and the oddness of this reign the online dating world.

Unfortunately, I am a bit deeper than this, and the thought of someone who I like from this app might date also another ten girls because we are all shopping around, makes me be a bit sad.

It’s Christmas time, so let’s concentrate on good thoughts for the New Year and happy dating everyone! đŸ™‚


Sonia x

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2 thoughts on “Tinder: my thoughts

  1. Yeah, maybe watch out for the type of guys you can meet via services like that. If it’s easy to use, most guys usually have one intention for using it. I’m sure you can find a better quality man without something like that though.

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