It’s been long time since last time I have updated the blog.

Bad bad Sonia. However, the good news is that now I am back on it again! Yay! So, what happened in the last month or so?

Well, not much apart from being in Italy for a week (I come from Brindisi), a smallish town in Puglia, the boot’s heel.

A bit of promotion: my parents own a bed and breakfast, you can see the website here: http://www.bnbbrindisi.it/. It’s called Mare e Sole, and it’s conveniently located near the airport.

Puglia, I was saying. Have you been? It’s been classified recently from the Huff Post as one of the places to visit before they become famous (click on the bold to go to the link).

And I have to agree: Puglia offers so many pearls, it’s a very beautiful region which is getting discovered only in the recent years thanks to a better communication via airlines across the rest of Europe.

Places to visit in Puglia are:

  • Lecce: the so-called “Florence of the South”. With its amazing baroque, you will be surprised by the beauty of this city rich in art and events. One of the main attractions is the main Piazza, or square, called Piazza Sant’ Oronzo, which takes its name from the column in the middle of it.
Piazza Sant’Oronzo

Santa Croce - Lecce

  • Gallipoli and Otranto: Truly amazing amazing cities to visit strictly during the summer. Their crystal clear sea really is the king of them apart from their narrow alleys full of boutiques and restaurants where you can have fresh fish.
  • Alberobello: It’s part of Unesco’s Heritage. Unique and very fascinating, the particularity consists on the shape of its houses (trulli). They look like cones and you can’t find them anywhere else in Italy and the rest of the world!
Trulli, Alberobello
Trulli, Alberobello


Those are only few pearls you can see in Puglia. You have to visit, if you need any advise or directions please get in touch!


Sonia xx


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