Playing Golf for the first time.

Howdy my friends,

Good weekend? Mine was good.

And I would like to share what I have experienced for the first time in my life: playing golf. To be honest, all my imagination about golf was just old fat and wealthy men who would spend their time in playing this sport which is absolutely really little known in my home country which is Italy.

Sean Connery playing golf
Sean Connery playing golf

So on Saturday I was given the option of playing for the first time. And I was very excited¬†but also¬†quite terrified. After a good glass of white wine taken at the Trent Park Public Golf, in North London, it was time for me to take some strength from the alcohol, grab the golf club (which I kept calling ‘golf sticks’, this shows how illiterate I am on the matter) and hit the balls.


Trent Park - Oakwood
Trent Park – Oakwood
Me at Trent Park - Oakwood
Me pretending to concentrate and praying the God of Golf to help me.
Me thinking: “Ha! I made it!”
Trent Park - Oakwood
Me thinking: ‘Where the hell is the ball gone?!?”

So as you can see from the pictures, actually it was fun! Especially when I managed to hit the ball. When I didn’t, I just pretended to warm up (hahaha, embarrassed laugh).


Fun, eh?

Sonia xx


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