The Night Jar

The Night Jar Bar

Howdy all,


Today I’d like to talk about the Night Jar.

A friend of mine wanted to take me to this AMAZING bar in Old Street, and trust me, I don’t say AMAZING in capital letters for nothing. The bar is an exclusive place which requires an advanced booking, it’s not possible just to show up and sit down. That is already a sign that it must be good.

It was a Tuesday and we got there at 6.30pm. The entrance is very dark and you have to go down the stairs before to get into the bar. But once in, you’ll be overwhelmed with the elegance and the retro’ decor which distinguish it from other bars.




The waiters are very welcoming and polite, the service is great. Another surprise was the menu: the drinks are categorised by: Prohibition, Pre-prohibition, Post-War and Night Jar’s signatures.

There are too many, I am not used to drink cocktails anyways, but it was refreshing to give it a try. I asked the waiter for some help under my personal taste guidance, and eventually I decided for Honey Smash. It was delicious.


Unfortunately we had to leave the place only after an hour later and so we couldn’t manage to see the live band which sparks the atmosphere even more with jazzy notes (and I love Jazz!).

The only down note is the food: we choose a cheese board which should have been for sharing, but actually it wasn’t! Just a slice of bread and a couple of pieces of cheese. For a price of about £10. We both felt it was a bit too overpriced. Oh well.

Overall, it’s a great place for a date, very romantic and great drinks!

Vote: 8+.

Sonia xx


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