Ice skating in South Kensington

Yesterday I had the wonderful idea to ice skate. I say wonderful because I am really rubbish at it. Yep. And I was the one who proposed it. You probably think I am crazy, and you are right, but I like challenge in life and learning new things, so doing that it kind of made me feel better.

First of all: the venue. It was amazing, I went to the ice rink outside the National History Museum in South Kensington. It’s not really big, but during the week is less busy and so if you are less experienced like myself, you will “enjoy it”.

OK, I sweated A LOT. I made a huge effort in trying not to fall on the floor, and that only made me work out. Then the second thing which really kept me being all alert was trying to actually iceskate. And to my surprise, I made it a little bit! Yay!


ice rink



After one hour of real working out, me and my friend decided to move towards the Science Museum because yesterday it was one of those special nights when cool things happen.

Once inside, I couldn’t work out whether it was cool or not: at the entrance there was a rather sad scenario. In fact, there was a deejay playing music and an old lady dancing. But once inside a bit further, the scenario changed: it was actually fun! I saw a lot people (mainly 20 somethings) dancing on notes which were into their ears through earphones! Weird and fascinating. It was a corner of a club with no audible music, and the best thing is that people were actually enjoying it!!





I loved this night: it was really cool. Also I liked the rest of the museum, you can find always really nice stuff there:






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