Eat food that helps you to lose weight

I have read on an Italian website that there is some kind of food that help you to lose weight.

It’s part of the theory of the thermo diet which induces our body to spend more energy whilst it produces heat. Our body spends 10% of energy for digestion on a daily basis, and this diet seems to increase this level. Moreover, this kind of food is rich of fibre, which is great anyway!

In a way all the food is thermogenic, but some have more effect. Which one is it? Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and celery. But also spicy food enhances the heat and speed up the metabolism.

Also drinking cold water helps to lose weight, because it stimulates our body to produce heat to balance it.

Of course this is just a hint to lose weight, we need to have a balanced diet and make exercise to control it. But it’s good to know something which helps us how to stimulate the metabolism! 🙂



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