A day in Canterbury

Hello my fellow readers,

I’d like to share with you my recent experience in Canterbury. Last Saturday I jumped on a really fast train with lovely Shaun and in just over an hour we were there!

I was very excited about this trip because I always love to get outside London and discover more of the English countryside. There are real gems to be seen and Canterbury is certainly worth of a visit.

The first impression of it was really good: you reach the city centre within minutes of walking distance from the train station and already you feel comfortable because of that. The distances are a lot smaller than London’s (understandably) so your pace adapts to the new environment, which is much more relaxed and slow.

The city centre is surrounded by ancient walls and the entrance has a tower which is a reminder of the city’s past defence. There are small alleys which cross the main street full of shops, but from time to time you can see great views like this one:





We walked for good part of the main street until Shaun took me to the direction towards the Cathedral, which is amazing! I can’t really explain how beautiful it is, and so big! There is so much history behind it, it was built about 1K years ago across the centuries and survived battles and wars. Also the murders and the intrigues which happened throughout the years make it so fascinating (like Thomas Beckett’s murder).

I took a few pictures of it to give an idea:

IMG_2633  IMG_2639   IMG_2640


Beautiful, right? 🙂



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