Charlie Hebdo: Some Thoughts




Today I’m upset my friends. What happened in Paris is just incredibly crazy.

Charlie Hebdo is not only a newspaper, but also an institution of journalism irreverent and offbeat, the temple of political satire. Its cartoons are bad, caustic, mocking, without awe for anyone. The terrorists who made a killing in its place they have not endured the spirit of freedom, it’s not a bow to any authority. They entered massacring defenseless people in the newspaper that had been indicated to bigots Islamist fundamentalism as a den of infidels who dared to mock everything and everyone.

French politicians have never loved ‘Charlie Hebdo’, even if the expense were opponent’s: they knew it would come soon their turn. But the killers who have completed the carnage consider satire a demonic weapon, the enactment of evil to eradicate by any means, even with bursts of Kalashnikov. Some claim of ” avenge the Prophet .” May be denied , or constitute a misdirection. A need for caution. But the hand of terrorists moved animated by fanatical fundamentalism, religious of the outrageous, who can not stand the secular, criticism, different opinions, the irony. They are enemies of our freedom. The freedoms that have created ” Charlie Hebdo “, a pillar that its enemies want to demolish, and drown in the blood of innocents journalists.




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