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BrightonSEO and Iceland – recap


Gosh it’s been a while since I have written anything on this blog… tut, tut, shame on me.

I am going to refrain from the same old excuses one can say (I have been busy, no inspiration, blah, blah) so I shall share with those who are interested what could be worth of knowing since the last time I have been here.

Right, so… where shall I start?

BrightonSEO, 22/04/2016

So, the dream has become true. When I was new to SEO, I always looked with admiration those speakers who were comfortably on stage while sharing tips and experiences from projects they have been working on. I always wondered how it feels like, plus the best part is that being on stage meant that there is knowledge to be shared.

So yes, that day arrived. Before Christmas I got an invite from Kelvin Newman and despite the emotional rollercoaster, I accepted it.

I spoke about Why it’s worth being included into Google News, which is based on a project based at work. The room was bigger than I thought, it was full and I was the second speaker.

Strangely enough, I was not too nervous – but I must have hurried with the slides as I finished well before the scheduled 20 minutes…

BrightonSEO - Sonia Mazzotta



Iceland, July 2016

I have been to Iceland… weekend trip post breakup with my ex.

I let the pictures speak for themself.


Iceland Iceland img_0392 img_0393 img_0403 img_0453 Iceland img_0440





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