Black Swan: a movie which has seduced me

It’s been since long time from the last time I made a post, sorry about that. I have been incredibly busy in life recently and I didn’t really have much time for some thought sharing online.

However, finally yesterday I spent lovely evening by myself, and after having ordered a takeaway (from time to time I like to treat myself, without the hassle of cooking and cleaning after myself).

Having said that, I don’t normally spend my Saturdays evening at home, I prefer to go out and try new places, but after a long week I thought I needed some rest. And it was fantastic: yesterday night Channel 4 was featuring Black Swan, Aronofsky’s movie famous for its lesbian scene between Natalie Portman and Myla Kunis.

Lesbians apart, the movie is really good. In short, the story is around the psychological exhaustion which leads Nina (Natalie Portman), a professional ballet dancer,  to hallucinations and mental illness due to the pressure she finds herself in. That is because the role of the white and black swan was given to her for the Swan Lake, a prestigious ballet.

I noticed that on twitter many people complained that they didn’t understand the movie, especially after the end. But I reckon that the meaning is quite evident: the black swan has taken its toll and killed the white swan, all because of the perfection which Nina was looking for.

Yes, maybe it is very dark and probably not for everyone, but I believe that it’s been beautifully made and really worth watching Portman’s outstanding act.

black swan2

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